S_ex starved g_ay baboon returns to terrorize village men

S_ex starved g_ay baboon returns to terrorize village men | As bizarre as it sounds Tshaulu village men in South Africa are living in fear over a big male baboon that likes to grope and bonk human males. The baboon has made the village its hunting ground and is preying on men. Little is known about this baboon.

However, it has been established that the baboon has since bonked more than six men. Is this a normal act or black magic coming into play? The baboon has got Mzansi talking.

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S_ex starved g_ay baboon returns to terrorize village men

The baboon is said to have attacked more than six men in the past week and what’s battling the villagers is the fact that the baboon only attacks males and does not hurt its victims but rather performs se_xual acts on the terrified victims and leaves.

One victim, George Chiunc said he was coming from the local shebeen when the baboon attacked him and pinned him down.

“I thought it wanted to kill me but realized it was after my bum,” George said.

Five men were admitted to the hospital after experiencing acute a_ nal pains and fatigue. However, the doctors have since confirmed that the victims may have rectal cancer pending more in-depth tests.

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In the wake of this daring incident, villagers have since signalled a red flag to authorities to get rid of the baboon. Villagers have since nicknamed the baboon Somizi.  According to animal behaviour specialist is a strange occurrence because baboons are known to travel in troops.

One specialist, Lizzie McKenzie said:

“The baboon might be an outcast and chased away from its troop. That is why it is travelling alone but as to the reason it’s attacking only males, it beats me. I have never seen that behaviour in my 20 years in this field.”


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