Salaries: Nhlamulo (Kasi Shakespeare) Salary at Scandal revealed

Salaries: Nhlamulo (Kasi Shakespeare) Salary at Scandal revealed | No doubt he got them bars and knows well how to bring that charming look into play. Since his debut, he has been making all sorts of headlines.

His Kasi vibes are unmatched. Of late he has been duped as one of the fast-rising star actors in Mzansi. Nhlamulo, real name Matthes Rantoma joined the etv soapie Scandal in March and he seems to be a game-changer. Well on screen he is best known as Kasi Shakespeare.

Taking it to the media Rantsoma said: “Nhlamulo Maseko is a forex trader, he’s intelligent, has a lot of love and care and he’s kind.

’Nhlamulo is also a wealthy young man who knows the kasi like the back of his hand. He’s very interesting.”

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As for the forex trading angle incorporated into his character’s story arc, he admitted: “I personally think there are so many misunderstandings around it (forex) and a lot of misinformation regarding what it really means.

“Then again, these are all the rumours, they might just be true. But because it’s a misunderstood industry, I think its potential might be… what we can never see it to be, whether good or bad.”

Salaries: Nhlamulo (Kasi Shakespeare) Salary at Scandal revealed

Nhlamulo made his debut this month and left female fans weak-kneed. His lingo is so poetic that it has earned the actor the nickname of “Kasi Shakespeare”. But Nhlamulo’s heart beats only for Lindiwe and the two get along like a house on fire until he gets her and her mother mixed up in his run-in with the law.

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This begs the question: “Is Nhlamulo in Lindiwe’s life for all the right reasons?”

Mathews has also made TV features in a Mzansi Magic show and an advertisement for KFC. His unmatched dexterities have seen him bagging a Naledi Award in 2019. Salaries of actors vary with the production house however salaries of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry are based on variables such as show ratings, years of experience and obviously craft competence.
Salaries: Nhlamulo (Kasi Shakespeare) Salary at Scandal revealed

it has been revealed that Nhlamulo is earning between R25 000 and R35000 per month on Scandal. However, the star actor has an estimated net worth of $200 000.

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