Shatta Wale – Full Up LYRICS

Dancehall Giant Shatta Wale releases a new song with lyrics titled “Full Up”.

Long time me tell you
Wi ah full up in yah
Wi ah full up in yah

Long time me tell you
When me pull up in yah
When me, when me pull up in yah
Show mi love de trigger
Suh mi pull it pon ah niqqa
Africa mi from
So you cyan call me Mandiba
B!tch weh ah fvck
Cyan call mi side niqqa
Money wey ah make Jay Z jigga

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Memba sah 1Don
See dem like ah hamper
Like a baby mi see
Dem inna de pamper
Big b00ty tanka
Gyal ah mi answer
Inna Onyx D-Black give mi lap dancer
Smoke kush wi nuh care bout cancer
Gyal em does ah cruize
Inna black Elantra
From Achimota, Lapaz down to Tantra
Everybody doss a ball
Seh mi got de answer
Some people does ah want dem ease
Seh dem famous nobody know dem inna Greece

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Dem nuh bad like mi wallabis
De bank robber ah in straight jeans ah de steeze
You no see seh nowadays dema roam
But memba you cyant do it like 1Don
Manna faster dan a Lamborgh and ah new Phantom
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