VIDEO: Witch Caught With No Clothes In The Act

“VIDEO: Witch Caught With No Clothes In The Act”

Not everyone will be pleased with your progress and others will go to great lengths to block one’s path.

In this video, the community is shocked beyond words after catching a witch who was caught red-handed who was practicing her witchcraft in the wee hours in the morning. She was stark naked speaking with arrogance and not ashamed of what she was doing. She stands tall with her hands folded on top of her big saggy breasts as she is explaining why she was bewitching an innocent person.

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In the video sheer is caught saying :

“They are always studying, I block them this side they resurrect on another side. They are too smart in this world. That’s why I want to kill them. This person has graduated but they keep on studying, they keep on studying”…..

“Haaaaaaa” the crowd exclaimed in shock whilst another one is heard saying “Judas”

Other people think she is mentally disturbed and she is not a witch from the Facebook comments.

It is worrying that a fully grown adult who can understand and appreciate what they are doing and point-blank confess that their conduct is driven by jealousy of someone’s graduation and success in life, truly truly truly is that a mental case? Drink coffee and think about it. get the video on our social media page.

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