Video: Zodwa Wabantu drops purse full of ARV’s

Video: Zodwa Wabantu drops purse full of ARV’s | Zodwa Wabantu got the plug and knows well how to wow Mzansi. She might be controversial but she got Mzansi at heart. The controversial dancer has seen herself trending after she allegedly dropped a purse full of ARV’s in a viral video.

Well to those who might have got it twisted the star dancer has embarked on a campaign to stop the stigma surrounding the consumption of ARV’s in South Africa. Zodwa Wabantu has called for an end of stigmatisation of HIV/Aids and ARV treatment.

The controversial media personality shared a video showing how people reacted when she accidentally dropped some of the pills. Mzansi social media users were impressed by how she was using her influence to spread awareness.

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Say what you want about Zodwa Wabantu but she does do some uplifting things for the community from time to time. The media personality recently embarked on a campaign to end the stigma associated with taking ARVs and HIV/Aids in the most Zodwa way possible.

Zodwa took it to Instagram to share the video which has since gone viral. The celebrated dancer is set to air some HIV related episodes on his reality show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored.

The controversial dancer posted a video of herself dancing with friends. She then ‘accidentally’ dropped her bag and ARV pills spilled on the floor. The reactions from those around were shocked while some expressed amusement. Mzansi weighed in with its two cents. Many showered praises to Zodwa for being an icon in championing matters that affect one day to day life.

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However, the video left Mzansi divided after she confronted Khanyi Mbau about her status a few months ago. Zodwa Wabantu never ceases to amaze and her Season 2 of Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored is back with a bang. No doubt the show got the plug and it’s making all sorts of headlines. Well, the drama we have all been waiting for is now before us and it’s getting way too ugly and out of hand.

Zodwa Wabantu shocked Mzansi yesterday when she shared one of her Moja Love video footage. We can all agree that the video was just one of the bombshells of her never seen before footage of her Moja Love show.

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Wabantu pulled a shocker and Mzansi was served with drama. Soon or later we might hear lawsuits being served to Zodwa by Khanyi Mbau. Wabantu revealed that Mbau is HIV positive during their nasty confrontation.

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