WATCH: 3 crossdressers set up and ₳₮₮₳₵₭ɆĐ by several men in Benin Republic

3 crossdressers set up and ₳₮₮₳₵₭ɆĐ by several men in Benin Republic | Three drag queens including a self-distinguished transsexual individual have been assaulted by certain men who welcomed them to a bar in Benin Republic.

As per the story from one of the people in question, she was asked by her sweetheart to bring her companions along without acknowledging it was an arrangement.

She said:

“My man knew I was transgender and asked me to invite my transgender friends. When we arrived, he asked me to go outside. Once we managed to get outside to help our friend, they began attacking the three of us. There were about 200 men there, and they forced us to str¡p n#k£d while they laughed and filmed up. It was humiliating.”

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The men attacked the victims with bottles and ordered them to strip naked. The incident occurred on Saturday, May 1, at Sunset Bar in Cotonou, Benin.

A cell phone video of the violence uploaded on social media caught the attention of an LGBT+ advocacy group called Hirondelle Club Benin which intervened and provided shelter for the victims.

Hirondelle Club Benin has condemned the act and has been spreading awareness about violence against transgender persons in the country.

The advocacy group said in a social media statement: “We have just denounced umpteenth aggression against people LGBTQi in Benin a few days before the celebration of May 17. We condemn these acts with the last rigor. We will come back for more details.”

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Watch the video below :

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