Watch: Throwback video proving Medikal lied about his age surfaces online

Watch: Throwback video proving Medikal lied about his age surfaces online | Rapper Medikal has been busted for lying about his age after claiming he’s 27yrs old when he told Delay he was 25yrs back in 2017 which means he grows backward.

Yesterday was the birthday of Medikal and among all the celebration and hype, netizens started talking when he claimed he has clocked 27yrs with many wondering if the 27 is his football age or that is his real age.

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Throwback video proving Medikal lies about his age drops online [Watch] With that bothering most people, some curious fans have been able to dig out an old interview Medikal had with presenter Delay on her show claimed he was 27yrs as at that time which was in 2017.

Therefore logically, if he was 25yrs back in 2017, he should be 29yrs this year and not 27yrs as he claims and that has turned him into a liar in the eyes of most fans even though they are aware these celebrities reduce their ages.

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Medikal isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last celebrity or public figure to reduce his age but he has been got up in the game by not keeping track of his records and contradicted himself forgetting that the internet never forgets.

One might say it his age and not ours so he decides what to tell his fans but with the surface of the interview, one thing is clear and that is he either lied to Delay about his age in 2017 or he lied yesterday that he’s 27yrs.

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Watch the video below;