Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo’s wife Sonja Madzikate, who is not new to social media controversies, has been blasted by followers on social media following her ‘Trouble in paradise’ video, posted on Zimcelebs’ Facebook page.

In the video Sonja was showing viewers Chivhayo’s clothes she bleached as payback for what he had done to her.

She went on to hint she had also ‘damaged’ his shoes adding the flashy businessman no longer had anything to show off with.

“This is what happened so far to everything viewers,” said Sonja

“You do not even want to know what I did to your shoes.
“You remember this shirt and how pretty it was.
“Will you have anything to wear,
“You will have to go to the States
“How will you face the World?”.

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In the video, Sonja, who always rushes to vent her anger over her marital issues on social media, did not disclose details that led to her actions. Sonja, however, hinted her husband was not talking to her.

Followers on social media have blamed Sonja for her actions towards her mourning husband.
Chivhayo lost his mother earlier this year.

Critics have labeled Sonja a ‘wild fruit’ with some saying she was not ‘wife material.’

Others have accused her of being a gold digger who married Chivhayo for his wealth.

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Chido Zariro posted, “When you marry someone for money not love this is bound to happen.”

Another comment from Leso Kate read, “I think she (Sonja) is a bit inconsiderate, whatever the problem was, Wicknell lost his mother recently and, I guess he is still mourning.”

Followers suggested Sonja’s failed relationship with her in-laws was the reason she took advertised her marital problems on social media.

Sonja has traded insults on social media with Chivhayo’s sister and she has accused her late mother-in-law of bewitching her son John.

Fortue Maps posted, “After bleaching the clothes, what did she gain?.

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“Two wrongs do not make a right

“This lady sounds depressed, she has bipolar, help her as soon as possible”.

Another comment from Ruva Rashe read, “This is what happens when you make enemies in your husband’s family, if he misbehaves you have nowhere to report him and you vent your anger on clothes.”

Other followers suggested Sonja’s stunt was a way to have Chivhayo divorce her so she could benefit from his estate.

Innocent Mutonga wrote, “This is bad, one can easily see she wants a divorce so they share property.
“Wicknell must not divorce her.”

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